Do you face any of the following software testing challenges

You are delivering a critical complex system testing, for instance legacy re-architecture in a challenging time frame

"Fast – cheap – good: You can have any two."  All projects are carried out under certain constraints and traditionally, they are cost, time, scope and quality. Within a given time it’s not possible to test each and every combination with either manual or automated testing. However it is possible to provide a complete, clear and transparent assessment of priorities tested and not tested - Test Coverage and Test Report - that is crucial for making a decision whether it is enough testing to ship the product.

You are delivering late on financial regulatory compliance requirements simultaneously with other BAU projects

“He that sells what isn’t his’n must buy it back or go to prison.” Since 2008, financial institutions have invested heavily in the development of compliance testing and other processes to help them meet new and more extensive regulatory requirements.  There are thousands upon thousands of pages of financial regulation which have poured out of Brussels over the last ten years or so. There are around 20 main statutes in the form of directives or regulations plus much delegated legislation, guidelines and the like. 

Your automated regression suits are failing and they are humanly impossible to update with all recent changes

In the modern DevOps software development, most of the effort of the Test Automation Engineers is spent battling with automation code and getting the “tests” to work rather than focusing on proper testing and exploring the system. Most of the test automation effort is not delivering any value due to the following reasons: wrong expectation of automated tests, automating tests at the wrong layer, at the wrong time and using wrong tools, automating useless tests, neglecting important areas, missing key scenarios.

Processes and communication between testing and other teams don't seem to be in sync and time zones don't help

Do you feel your test team is not effective or not transparent? Is integrating with testing team anything less than effortless? We have identified that the most likely reasons are communication or process definition issues. Whether it's Agile, Waterfall, any other development model, or a custom mix, the process should be clearly defined to avoid misunderstandings. Setting up a uniform process to get everyone on the same page becomes harder for teams that are located in different offices in different time zones. 

You are expecting an audit of a critical project and you need to demonstrate full test coverage proving there are no GAPs

Are you struggling with generating Test Coverage and other reports because of poor quality of the underlying test deliverable? Do you have a huge number of test cases that are blocked or never run piled up?  Are your test cases not linked to the requirements? Do you need a fresh pair of eyes to review and assess quality of your suits,  identify the GAPs and fix the holes? We will tidy up any of your testing deliverable regardless of which tool you use. We will also suggest improvements and actions to prevent same problem reoccurring.

You are struggling with attrition and you are left with unskilled testers with no domain knowledge who create chaos

Complex projects are difficult to understand. New testers require training from the beginning. These unskilled fellows may add more chaos rather than simplify the testing work. Skilled testers with good knowledge of the business domain can help you create more effective test scenarios and scripts. Apart from getting domain specific testing experts on board, you will also need to equip them with the right testing tools. The right tools can make it easier for QA teams to execute the project and deliver results faster. 

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